Sikhism: Victoria and Albert Museum

WEB RESOURCE This museum site provides an overview of Sikhism. It includes a list of basic beliefs, a little about the ten gurus, and a significant amount about Sikh religious practice.


WEB RESOURCE This site is a look at the history and tenets of the Sikh faith by UCLA professor of history Vinay Lal. In addition to the overview there is additional information on the kirpan, the Five Beloved or Pan Pyare, Guru Nanak, and the five symbols Panj Kakke.

The Sikh Faith

WEB RESOURCE This Victoria and Albert Museum describes 'Sikh' as a Punjabi word deriving from the Sanskrit, shishya, which means 'disciple'. A Sikh is any person who believes in one Immortal Being, the ten Gurus, the Guru Granth Sahib, the words and teachings of the ten Gurus, and the baptism given by the tenth Guru. Sikhs believe in one God without physical attributes or image but present in all people and things; in a society where men and women are equal and democracy is practiced in everyday life; in earning their living honestly and through hard work; in sharing what they earn with the poor; and in serving God and their fellow human beings.

Sikhism: The Pluralism Project Harvard University

WEB RESOURCE This Pluralism Project at Harvard University website provides an introduction to Sikhism including Guru Nanak's statement, several articles on Sikhism in America, how Sikhs worship and information on issues for Sikhs in America.

Sikh Saint-Soldier

WEB VIDEO This streaming video covers the origins of Sikhism back to its founding guru, Guru Nanak, who believed in the oneness of God and the equality of all castes and creeds. It also focuses on the Khalsa, a military brotherhood of Sikh "saint-soldiers," created by Gobind Singh, the tenth and final guru. In the video, Manjit Singh describes the Khalsa's code of belief and conduct, and how it reflects the sacred teachings of the Sikh faith.

Sikhism - An Introduction

WEB RESOURCE This is a BBC - Schools website for British the British education system. It provides an overview of Sikh beliefs, festivals and events, and Guru Nanik.There are classroom activities suggested but are not sufficiently sketched out for most teachers who know little of Sikkhism.

United Shades of America: Sikhs

WEB VIDEO This is a CNN documentary featuring interviews with various Sikh Americans. Put together these clips facilitate viewers to learn about Sikh beliefs and values. There is also discussion of how the interviewed cope with many in society with biases against them or consider them terrorists.

Sikhism, Religion of the Sikh People Home

WEB RESOURCE This site provides and overview of Sikh beliefs, history, and culture from a Sikh adherents' perspective. There are many useful visuals for the classroom.

Sikh Turban Showdown

WEB VIDEO This Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly episode features the Sikh Foundation of Virginia's "Turban Showdown" for the pre-school children and older youth of its gurdwara in Northern Virginia. Parents helped the children wrap their turban or keski and then watched them walk down a runway. Youth and education coordinator Surinder Singh explained the meaning of the turban and why it is, for Sikhs, a mark of pride, respect, and responsibility.

Sikhism: Its Origin, History, Holy Text

WEB RESOURCE This brief Teaching Tolerance website provides an overview of Sikhism acknowledging the differences among adherents as to its origin and links to other resources and materials.

RealSikhism: Exploring the Sikh Religion

WEB RESOURCE This site represents the perspective that Sikhism is a religion revealed by God that did not develop as a reform from either Hinduism or Islam. It has information about Sikh beliefs, gurus, ceremonies, and traditions.

What is Sikhism? Who are the Sikhs?!

WEB VIDEO This seven-minute video provides an overview of Sikh beliefs and ideals. The narrator is Sikh and the images show Sikhs practicing the religion.

Sikhism - Religion Facts

WEB RESOURCES This Religion Facts site has basic information about Sikh beliefs, the life of Guru Nanak, a glossary of key terms, a history of Sikhism, a decription of the holidays and symbols, a timeline and more.

All About Sikhs

WEB RESOURCE This website recommended by the Harvard Pluralism Project includes many resources related to Sikhism and Sikh culture. Topics include Overview of beliefs, Gurdwaras, Way of Life, Scriptures, literature, and history